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AJ Bell Youinvest (www.youinvest.co.uk) youinvest.co.uk/can-we-help
EQI (formerly Selftrade) (www.eqi.co.uk) eqi.co.uk/info/contact
IG (www.ig.com) ig.com/uk/investments/contact-us
Interactive Brokers (interactivebrokers.co.uk) www.interactivebrokers.co.uk/en/index.php?f=3869
shareDeal active (www.sharedealactive.co.uk) invest@jarvisim.co.uk
Trading 212 (trading212.com) info@trading212.com
X-O (https://x-o.co.uk) enquiries@x-o.co.uk


Primary Market

For institutional investors looking to create and / or redeem GraniteShares ETPs against the daily closing Value per ETP Security, it is possible to go directly to Natixis, the Authorised Participant.  Creation and redemption are possible in any underlying currency denomination of 50,000 or greater

Secondary Market – Trading during Market Hours

Most investors will buy or sell GraniteShares ETPs during market hours, principally on exchange or through so-called “over the counter” (OTC) trades

For sophisticated individual investors, GraniteShares ETPs can be purchased and sold through advisory stockbroking or wealth management services, or alternatively, for self-directed investors, through execution-only investment platforms

The following table shows a list of investment platforms through which it is possible to buy and sell GraniteShares ETPs




To trade a particular product, the ticker or symbol will typically be the quickest way for you or an adviser to find an ETP.  The following table shows the tickers for each long and short exposure to a particular underlying stock:

Underlying Tickers
+3x Long -3x Short
UK Blue Chips
AstraZeneca 3LAZ 3SAZ
BAE Systems 3LBA 3SBA
Barclays 3LBC 3SBC
Diageo 3LDO 3SDO
Glencore 3LGL 3SGL
Lloyds Banking Group 3LLL 3SLL
Royal Dutch Shell 3LRD 3SRD
Rio Tinto 3LRI 3SRI
Rolls-Royce 3LRR 3SRR
Vodafone 3LVO 3SVO
US Tech Leaders
Alphabet 3LAL 3SAL
Amazon 3LZN 3SZN
Apple 3LAP 3SAP
Facebook 3LFB 3SFB
Microsoft 3LMS 3SMS
Netflix 3LNF 3SNF
Nvidia 3LNV 3SNV
Tesla 3LTS 3STS
Uber 3LUB 3SUB
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