Amazon, the world's largest company


Presentation of the company


Amazon is an American e-commerce company based in Seattle. It is known worldwide as a leader in this market, and incidentally the largest company in the world. Even though most of the products sold are sold by Amazon, there are also a lot of third-party sellers on the site. Beyond online sales, the company is also present on music streaming (Amazon Music), video on demand (Prime Video), or cloud computing (AWS). Other projects, less developed for the moment, are under development. Amazon's strategy is to ensure customer satisfaction first and foremost. The company invests heavily in order to become a place where you can buy everything you need, in the best conditions.

In addition to the fact that Amazon delivers worldwide, the company has a specific website for many countries located in Europe, North and South America, Asia, or Oceania.

Amazon's main competitors in online sales are: Ebay, Etsy, or Alibaba.




Source : statista.com

Source : statista.com


Amazon's Story


Amazon was created by Jeffrey Bezos in 1994 initially to sell books on the internet. A month later, the company was sending books to 40 countries. Later, Amazon decided to diversify its offer and started with the sale of music and DVDs. Subsequently, it attacked the market for electronics, toys and kitchen equipment. The multiplication of storage areas will make it possible to expand the range of products more and more and to better attract the attention of the public. After a decade, Amazon had positioned itself as the essential leader in online sales worldwide. According to the strategy of its founder, Jeff Bezos, a majority of profits were constantly reinvested in the company. In 2005, in order to reward loyal customers and offer an ever faster and more qualitative service, Amazon launched Prime, which gained more than a hundred million users.

Today, Amazon has a market capitalizationof more than 1000 billions, several hundred billion in turnover and most importantly is the largest company in the world.

Source : macrotrends.com

Source : statista.com


Who is Jeffrey Bezos, founder of Amazon?


Jeff Bezos, whose real name is Jeffrey Bezos, was born in 1964, raised by adoptive parents. Passionate about physics and computers, he studied at Princeton University. In 1986, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Science. He then worked on Wall Street, until he became vice president at D.E. Shawn.

In 1994, he launched the Cadabra project, which he soon renamed to the name of the company we all know, Amazon. His project was to make it the largest bookstore on Earth, but he also aspired to develop his project. Three years later, he decided to diversify and sell other items. In 1999, Time crowned him man of the year and king of the Internet.

This was followed by a long career as CEO at Amazon, which earned him the title of richest man in the world in 2017, with a fortune of more than $ 100 billion.

On July 5, 2021, Jeff Bezos finally decided to step down as CEO at Amazon, but nevertheless remained chairman of the board.

Source : statista.com

Source : statista.com


The market


Amazon operates in the e-commerce market. It is a "relatively" young market, given the fact that it was necessary to wait for the democratization of the internet so that online sales were possible. But today, no one would imagine a world without e-commerce. The online sales market is only growing, with an increase of about 101% over 6 years, and the global health crisis has really accentuated this growth. As the shops were closed for some time, and people were afraid to go out, this mode of purchase was quickly adopted around the world. This boost has allowed companies to grow even more, and thus offer new services, more efficient, more convenient than physical commerce.

With the evolution of the way of living and buying, it is certain that online selling is, and will remain, a strong and sustainable market.

Source : statista.com

Source : statista.com


Key figures and financial ratios


Market capitalization: $1.088 Trillion 1(May 13, 2022)

Revenue: $469.822 billion 2(2021)

Net income: $33.364 billion 3(2021)

Dividends paid: No dividends

Earnings per share: $64.81(2021)

Price-to-earnings ratio(TTM): 40.90x 4(May 12, 2022)

Debt-to-capital ratio: 0.35x5(2022)

Source : statista.com

Source : statista.com

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1  Market Cap source: Yahoo Finance
2 Macrotrends.com



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