Alert: Reverse Split on 3SPA(1:8,500), 3SMI(1:35,000) and 3SSQ(1:16,00)

<p>Alert:<small class="text-black ps-2"> Reverse Split on <small class="text-black ps-2">3SPA(1:8,500), 3SMI(1:35,000) and 3SSQ(1:16,00)</small></small></p>


3x Leverage Apple (AAPL) ETP

Leverage the daily return of Apple (AAPL) stocks with 3x Long Apple ETP. Available for trading on London Stock Exchange, Euronext Paris, Borsa Italiana.

3LAP Product Description

GraniteShares 3x Long Apple Daily ETP is a collateralised, Exchange-Traded Product (ETP). The ETP tracks, excluding fees and other adjustments, the performance of the Solactive Daily Leveraged 3x Long Apple Inc Index that seeks to provide 3 times the daily performance of Apple shares.

For example, if Apple rises by 1% over a day, then the ETP will rise by 3%, excluding fees and other adjustments. However, if Apple falls by 1% over a day, then the ETP will fall by 3%, excluding fees and other adjustments.

GraniteShares +3x Apple is available in EUR,GBX,USD

What is Apple (AAPL)?

Apple is an American multinational company based in California that creates and markets electronic products, computers and software. The company's flagship products include the iPhone, the iPad, and the Macbook computer. Apple stores are present in 25 countries, and their website delivers to more than 39 countries. Apple products are nevertheless known worldwide, thanks to a strong marketing strategy based on innovation, original advertising, ergonomics, aesthetics of their products, and a remarkable sales and after-sales service. It is with this strategy that Apple has succeeded in making its customers identify with the brand and above all in building their loyalty.

Apple Q3 Earning Report FY23

  Fact Sheet

Key Facts

Tickers (Trading Currency)
3LAE (EUR) / 3LAP (EUR) / 3LAP (USD) / 3LWP (GBX)
Underlying Stock
Leverage Factor
Base Currency
Total Daily Ongoing Cost
Value per ETP Security as of 26 September 2023
Best ETP Provider

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3x Leverage Apple (AAPL) ETP OVERVIEW

LISTING AND CODES for 3x Leverage Apple (AAPL) ETP

Exchange Trading
London Stock Exchange USD 3LAP XS2722161424 BNDSD80
London Stock Exchange EUR 3LAE XS2722161424 BNDSDG8
London Stock Exchange GBX 3LWP XS2722161424 BNDSDH9
Euronext Paris EUR 3LAP XS2722161424 BNDSDJ1
Borsa Italiana EUR 3LAP XS2722161424 BNDSDK2

INDEX & PERFORMANCE of 3x Leverage Apple (AAPL) ETP

1 Month 3 Months YTD 1 Year 3 Year Since Inception

COLLATERAL Details of 3x Leverage Apple (AAPL) ETP

Understanding Collateral

Collateralised ETP Securities are backed with collateral, subject to eligibility criteria, to protect investors in event of default. The amount of collateral posted by the Swap Counterparty is held and valued by an independent custodian in a segregated account and is adjusted daily and reflects the collateralised ETPs' change in value and in the outstanding number of securities. The Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV serves as the Swap Collateral Custodian.

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