Alert:Three New 2X Long ETFs Launched

<p class="d-inline">Alert:<small class="text-black ps-2">Three New 2X Long ETFs Launched</small></p>

About Us

Innovation Does Not Need To Be Expensive

That is our definition of disruption. The GraniteShares market philosophy is all about reimagining entire asset classes while reducing costs. 

Whether eliminating K1’s, enhancing transparency or delivering novel insights, GraniteShares continually defies accepted industry boundaries.

Our Firm

GraniteShares is an entrepreneurial ETF provider focused on providing innovative, cutting-edge alternative investment solutions.  It was founded in 2016 by William “Will” Rhind, a well-known figure in the ETF industry, with backing from Bain Capital Ventures and other leading ETF investors. GraniteShares listed its first ETF in the United States in 2017 and its U.S.  ETF offerings  include a broad-based commodity index fund, physically backed gold and platinum funds and  a high-income pass through securities index fund.

In 2019, GraniteShares officially launched its European business in London, introducing a new category of Exchange Traded Products: collateralized, short and leveraged single-stock exposure to a range of blue chip companies listed in the UK. These products are listed on the London Stock Exchange.  More information is available on our UK website.

GraniteShares AUM stood at $4.22 Billion as of April, 2nd 2024.