Alert:Three New 2X Long ETFs Launched

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Market Gold Briefing: Chaos Confusion and Conundrum

Topic: Gold
Publication Type: Videos and Webinars
Market Gold Briefing: Chaos Confusion and Conundrum

COVID-19, The Spectre of 2008 (or 1929!) & Gold

The ‘08 Financial Crisis is often raised as a benchmark for the current market turmoil, but the 1929 crash unleashing the Great Depression may be a more fitting proxy.  Join us as we examine how the unprecedented market conditions are impacting gold.

  •  Limitless action by the Federal Reserve initiated by two rounds of emergency rate cuts
  • A cumulative $5 trillion of liquidity to be injected throughout the economy
  • The Zero Economy: Outlook for interest rates, growth and inflation
  • Shortage of deliverable gold as refining and logistic networks seize up
  • Panic selling, forced selling and fleeting euphoria amid the flight to cash
  • CDS (Credit Default Swap) rates increasing on even 10 Yr Treasuries